Coeur d'Alene 70.3 2019


Hi Friends and Family! As always thank you all for your support and encouragement with

my life pursuits! I will dive into the race shortly, but I first want to share the lead up into the last 7 months coming into the 2019 race season.

Going into the new year I decided to try out the whole "self coaching" thing. I mostly wanted to test some training theories/ideas that have been stewing in me for some time. They’re nothing revolutionary or crazy different then what I was doing but here’s the quick and dirty breakdown. Swim less, bike less but with more intensity; run more, and strength train more. I set out with help and guidance from my good friends Justin Raynes (the bike), Jason Donald (the run), and Paul Herberger (strength). These guys I mentioned are all studs and they were excited to help me and I owe a lot of my success to them. The priority this year was to build and progress my run volume in a smart manner. I'm planning to do a vlog on how I structured myself but right now I'm going to keep this as a race report and we can get into the training side later on.

As many of you know, I had a career change back into fire service! In February I enrolled in another EMT class and before I was done with the class I had gotten a job offer at Shields Fire & Rescue! I finished the class and started working with Shields Fire in May. The work schedule is a 48/96 which is 2 days on 4 days off. A perfect schedule for training. On top of that my wife Kendra and I bought our first home in May this year. With all of the big changes going on I was training hard but wasn’t in the right head space to race at the time. With that I had to skip a few early season races I had on the schedule. I had my sights firmly fixed on Coeur d’Alene 70.3 regardless and I'm happy with how it all played out.


Last year I was the fastest male swimmer overall. Racing as an age grouper, I had beaten all the male pro swim times. So my goal was to do that again until my dreams were dashed finding out Josh Amberger and Sam Appleton where showing up. Honestly, it probably took some pressure off going for the "first out of the water” bonus. My plan switched to swimming strong and find some fast feet to swim on. Lucky for me I found myself on Tim Reed’s feet for the swim. I felt like we were going a comfortable pace and feeling like I had a lot more to give. There was no reason for me to go around Tim as I knew my number 1 goal was to save all my "matches" for the run later in the day. Tim and I came out 3rd and 4th in a time of 25:01. About 20 seconds faster than last year while only swimming 2-3 days a week! I was feeling fresh and excited to bike.

(Thanks for the ride Tim Reed)


I Hopped on the bike in 3rd position about a 1’34 down from Sam and Josh. I was quickly passed by a lot of the guys who seemed to be blowing their watt wad in the opening miles lol. I had a plan for the bike and I can confidently say I nailed it to a T! I took the first 15miles conservatively at about 300 watts. I was going to wait for the second chase group of guys to come by and ride with them. I didn’t want to over bike as I knew I would pay for it in the closing miles of the run. So a group of about 5 or 6 of us formed up and I sat at the back while watching the boys make moves. I remember feeling anxious because I so badly wanted to take off and just go for it but I reminded myself of my main goal.. To RUN FAST. I nailed my nutrition plan on the bike which involved all Skratch nutrition. One bottle of Hyper, one bottle of Lemon Lime w/2 serving scoops, and two packets of Skratch chews, along with a bottle of water, totaling 500 calories or so.

(Day before the battle)


I remember telling myself right before I started running “dare to be extraordinary today, I will push my upper limits no matter what.” I started running and locked into my flow state. Flow is where you're completely in the moment and nothing else matters. I was running what I thought was angry and aggressive and kept telling myself I trained for this and am ready to do something great today. I was scared I was going to blow up but I kept fighting onward. On the first out and back I saw Andrew Talansky about 2 miles ahead of me. I told myself let’s see if I can catch him. I figured he over biked because when he passed me on the bike I blinked two times and he was gone. Much to my surprise I had passed him about 5 miles later on the run and dropped him! That definitely put some wind under my sails! I had to really fight the last mile as I left everything I had on the course. When I crossed the finish line I was spent and looked at my watch I saw a 1:19:20!?! I was so happy and thrilled that I had just achieved one of my big goals for 2019, which was to break the 1:20:00 mark in 13.1 miles. I honestly wasn't expecting to do it at CDA, but I'm glad I did and I'll continue to to build off of that.

(PR Run split!!)


As for now, the name of the game is rest and recovery. I finished out the day in 4:01:19 and 12th overall with a 15min course PR! Things are definitely going the right direction and I can't wait to soak this in and build off this huge breakthrough result into the rest of the season! You guys can catch me at Boulder 70.3 August 3rd! As always, thank you for your endless support and we'll see you all out there!

(Post race feast!!)

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