Finding my WHY again


After Ironman 70.3 Waco, I took a FULL week off of training. This was my first week off since November 1st, 2017! I have been focused and executing my workouts to a T for a full year (with few hiccups). It takes a lot of focus and drive to stay on it and be ready to execute at every race. I started this sport 10 years ago and by far this has been my most successful and consistent season. I have my Wife, Family, Coach, and Sponsors to thank for that. The most important one I’ll mention later. Right now I am surrounded by a positive, supportive, group of people that want to see me succeed and that means to world to me. During that week off I had time to reflect on my preparation leading into Waco and what I will do differently for the next one. So grab a cup of coffee and read on!

(Que epic music)

Accomplishing Goals:

As I wrote in my last blog, I was tired, but, I didn’t mention how mentally deflated I was for Waco. I had accomplished all of my goals early in the season and continue to surpass them! For those of you who have followed my career, you all know how many set backs I have had. I never once in my career had a consistent season. I what to humbly share the athletic achievements have accomplished this year. I have raced 2 open Half Marathons, 1 Sprint distance Tri, 5 Half Ironman 70.3’s, and now racing professionally with one more 70.3 to come. If you would of told me that in 2015 when I tore my Labrum and had a stress fracture in my hip, I probably would of cried in relief. As for the rest of this season everything else I do is just a perk! My goal for the remainder of the season switched to cracking the money spots. After all, that’s the goal of every professional.

(Who arms are bigger!?:)

A look into Waco Prep:

After Santa Cruz 70.3 in September we took about a week easy and then ramped it up like we always do. Since November 1st, 2017 to Santa Cruz September, 2018 I was nailing all of my workouts to a T. It was crazy to have been that consistent! Then in the preparation for Waco my coach saw that I was ready to ramp up the intensity in my run workouts. She had me doing mile repeats, 3mile tempo runs, and speed sessions on the track. I have never stretched myself that much in the run and stayed healthy through it! But, with that I felt a fatigue that I have never felt before. My bike workouts suffered the most do to this new intensity of running I had been doing. While in that training block I was mentally fatigued, failing bike workout after bike workout, and I forgot how I had been crushing run workouts (overlooking things). I was mentally "cooked". I had in a way "thrown in the towel". I was going to show up and race hard regardless, but, I didn’t have that fight and focus I had all season. I was more looking forward to my week off after Waco lol. (learning and growing!)



During my week off I contemplated just bagging the season and resting. My motivation was low, my days were glum, and the fire was but a hot coal burning out. I lost sight of the most important thing in my life. My longing and desire to be close to God. My WHY. As a Christian, it is sadly normal to go through seasons where you loose sight of what’s most important in life. My Brother in law Aaron Flood, a man after Jesus’s own heart, encouraged me the other night (like he always does). He reminded me that my self worth isn’t in being an athlete, having wealth, having a great job, or being successful in the eyes of society. My self worth and most important thing to hold onto is my relationship with Jesus. In the end it won’t matter how successful I am in sport, work, or anything else. What will matter the most is when I meet God someday and hear him say welcome home son, my good and faithful servant. Reading this might be a shock to you! but, the eyes you see out of, the breath you breath, the heart that beats within your chest wasn’t an “accident" or "by chance" (If you ask me). If anything this is a blog to myself to keep fighting and working hard because HE gave me breath and my perfect frame with a desire to swim, bike, and run to the best of my ability. And if someday he says it’s time to do something different I will listen and work to be the best at that. In the meantime, A limitless attitude with a limitless God.

(smile through the pain)

What’s next:

We’ll it’s Tuesday morning and day 2 of my last training block of the season! I have a clear mind and have once again have been reminded of where my purpose lies. I’m motivated and excited to get the very best out of myself in the next 5 weeks. December 9th in Palm Springs is going to be lit!! with a more focused and motivated Dylan. As always, thanks for reading and catch you on the other side.

P.S. I also get to race my favorite Professional Triathlete Lionel Sanders! It’s gonna be insane to toe up next to him for the first time!!! Maybe even shake his hand :)

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