Ironman 70.3 Waco, TX

Lead up:

After Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz, CA I was on a definite “high" from a huge 13min PR. I realized I had dropped about 45min in a years time racing 70.3’s. I also had gotten faster at every 70.3 I have ever done! St. George 2017 4:43:xx, Coeur D'Alene 2017 4:33:xx, St. George 2018 4:26:xx, Coeur D’Alene 2018 4:16:xx, Boulder 2018 4:14:xx, Santa Cruz 2018 4:01:xx. The pressure was on (from myself) to break 4 hours at Ironman 70.3 Waco, TX. In preparation for Waco I had my all time best run workouts, and, we also up'd the wattage on my bike intervals. I put in a lot of hard swim, bike, and run work. I also learned how to make delicious sourdough bread through it all (pictures below!). I won’t lie, I was the most tired I had been all season during this training block. I was a little worried about coming into Waco with fresh enough legs to keep on this constant "PR" train I’ve been on. I didn’t worry about it to much as every course has it’s own challenges and in the end you can only control your effort. I’m always up to test my limits and go full send mode.


Well.. the swim was canceled due to flooding. I thought it was a good call because the river looked nasty and the water was moving very fast. I was bummed because the swim is one of my strengths as I can separate myself from the field a bit. That meant is was going to be a time trial cycling start, and I needed to be on it from the gun.


At the pro briefing the day before the race, they drew our bib numbers out of a hat to position us in a time trial format. My number was called 8th out of 23 guys. Cool. Race morning, about 5min before I was supposed to start, I noticed my aero bottle was wobbling around like crazy. I quickly rode over to the mechanical tent and got that fixed. On my way back to the start line my seat post dropped all the way down as I hit a bump! (lol face palm). While panicking inside, I calmly went back and got that fixed. Okay, 90seconds until go time and I made it. They were sending us 30 seconds apart and I took off nice and steady. For the first 20min I averaged 346 watts and was feeling good. Then all of a sudden my bars came loose! (face palming hard) So for about 33 miles I rode with my bars about to fall off. I kept calm and focused on not dying. I needed to stop and do something about it because I could no longer focus on my effort. I stopped at a guy who looked like he had tools and lucky he did. I stopped for about 2min to get them tight and sendy again. I rode the rest of the bike feeling pretty flat and empty. I never stopped fighting though. My average power ended up being 304 watts. Not my best, not my worst. I will say for that type of course you needed to have high power and stay aero because it’s flat and fast with a lot of technical turns. Through all of this I was telling myself I can still have a great run. Leesss GOOO..

(Are you there running legs?!)

The run:

I had a smooth transition and set out to get the best out of myself for 13.1 miles. I took it 1 mile at a time and was feeling very average. The mental battle was real. I haven’t analyzed my run yet, but, I kept it pretty steady throughout. I think all the great run workouts I had in my last training block haven’t quite sinkin in yet. I carried a lot of that fatigue into Waco. However, I am confident that a run brake through is coming soon. I ended up running a 1:28:25. I will say it’s cool that a “meh” run is a 1:28:xx. When last year it was a 1:43:xx. I will keep the faith and keep moving forward. Limitless attitude.

(I can taste the finish)


We'll.. I accomplished my goal of braking 4 hours.. Only because the swim was canceled lol winning! #setgoalsandcrushthem haha. This sport is so hard and has the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Every race has it’s challenge and is molding me into a better athlete. I know that the willingness to fail is a prerequisite of success and every time I toe the line I'm willing to fail, but every cell in me says win. I know that attitude will carry me to new heights. To my family, friends and sponsors, Thank you for following along and encouraging me every step of the way. As for now, it's time to rest a bit and finish up with my last race of the season in Indian Wells, CA December 9th. Until next time!

(Thank you CJ)

(My biggest supporter)

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