70.3 Ironman Coeur d'Alene Recap


After I raced my first 70.3 in St. George, Utah May 6th 2017 I was anxious for the next one. I mentioned in my last blog I took St. George pretty easy so I was ready to fire off and see what I can actually do in a 70.3. There was about a 6 week gap between races so I had time to gain some fitness. Unfortunately my foot injury leading into St. George 70.3 kept me from doing proper run training again before Coeur d'Alene. I had about 3h50min of run time "training" for Coeur D'Alene which is pretty bad (lol). But you gotta do with what you got, when you got it. My Swim and Bike training got a lot of attention so I was ready to race to my strengths.


The whole weekend was very relaxing and low stress. The Szymanski Family "Mike and Mary" housed Kendra and I which made for a delightful weekend with good sleep, friends and family. The weather all weekend was upper 80's to 90's. Race day was Toasty!


The swim was a rolling start which means there's a narrow shoot everyone has to run down and over a timing matt which then starts your timing chip worn around your ankle. The Pro Men started at 6:00am, Pro Women at 6:05am followed by Age Groupers at 6:15am. I got first in line to make sure I had clean water and to set the pace of the race early. For the first 400M I lead the race then two other guys came up on my shoulder to draft off me. After the first turn buoy I let those guys take a turn and sat on there shoulders for the rest of the swim. one of the guys took off in the last 200m of the swim and I dropped the other guy which left me coming out of the water second in the Age Group race and 5th fastest time overall. I was 50seconds behind Andy Potts one of the fastest pro male triathletes in the sport and 1 second slower then my training partner and coach Haley Chura who went on the win the Pro Female race! She's a beast in the water and pushes me to my limits every practice. I had a quick transition which put me on the bike course first and leading the Age Group race.


Haley, my coach pounded in my head to stick to my Half Ironman WATTS, which to my surprise kept me in lead for the first 35 miles. I was definitely working hard the whole time but I was holding back quite a bit. Around this point I got passed by 3 other age groupers who were on a mission. I think they all put a good 1-2 minutes into me. This is when the race really started for me. I told myself either buck up and catch them or....buck up and catch them!..(lol). I kept repeating in my head "you didn't come here to be comfortable, PUSH!" And a verse my wife told me the night before the race "Whatever you do, do it with all your strength, for this pleases the Lord our God" (Colossians 3:23). The last 15 miles I went about as hard as I could (within reason, being I had to run 13.1 miles) which put me about a rough 1min:30sec ahead of the guys where I entered T2 (Transition 2) in 1st. (My power output on the bike increased about 50watts from St. George!)


During the bike I was actually really excited for the run. I had no idea how I was going to feel, but, was probably more anxious. Like I said earlier, I had about 3hours50mins worth of "run training" for this race in the span of 6 weeks. I was going into this race optimistic about the 13.1 mile run. I ran out of T2 feeling really good. The First mile was about a 6:30pace the Second was about 7:10pace and at this point I got passed by Ernie Mantell who went on to take 2nd overall. My mile pace from there kept decreasing into the 8:30-9 pace and people kept flying by the rest of the run. I was in survival mode by mile 4 (lol). I finished the race and was happy it was over.


I freaking love this sport! The blood, sweat, tears, snot, the hurt. I showed a lot of improvement from St. George with a 8min time improvement. I might have a slow run at this point in my life but I have several words i'm going to carry with me for the rest of my life/career. Patience, Trust, Consistency, Effort. This is only the beginning for me with so much more room for improvement! I love this point in my life right now where I have so much improving to do. One day one workout at a time and I know the stars will aline for my run. You have to believe in yourself more then anyone else if you want your goals to be met, that's what I intend to do! God gave me the gifts to hone in on the "hurt locker" and i'll make sure I honor that and give him my very best every day! Thanks for following my journey! And a huge shout out to my Sponsors:





If you haven't watched the video from last weekend here it is below!

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