First blog/First Triathlon

January 21st, 2017 marks my 24th birthday and my first blog post! 3 years ago I wanted to start writing but I never thought I had the patience. What changed you might ask? I just did an FTP (functional Threshold Power) Test on my bike. I'm a little beat right now and I don't want to move and my computer just so happens to be on my lap. Better late than never!

My goal for this blog is to inspire and share my passion for the sport of triathlon. I want to bring everyone along on the journey of my life. I'll start by sharing the story of my first triathlon in 2008!

INTRODUCTION; I'll start off by introducing my friend Tyler Sample who competed in this triathlon with me. We simply had a competitive relationship growing up together. Whether it was the first one to run around the house, win a game of pool, or hold their breath the longest. It didn't matter, we were friends with competitive spirits. I remember in elementary school when it was time to run the "dreaded" 1-mile test in gym class we would always give each other a good run for the others money. He was definitely a more naturally talented runner but I didn't have any quite in me which made for good races. When we signed up for this triathlon I knew deep down I had to win. I trained my butt off to make sure I crushed him (Sorry Ty)! Mary Anne, Tyler's mom was the reason we signed up for the race and boy am I glad she encouraged it! I remember she brought us to swim lessons at the Chicago lakes pool in MN so we could learn the proper technique for the Freestyle stroke. It was my first time being coached in swimming and I loved it!

(Here's a picture of us portaging canoes across a portage up in the Boundary Waters of Ely, MN)


PRE-RACE; The night before the race I remember Tyler and I had our favorite snack, Carrots, Onions, and Italian Dressing in a bowl. I know.. weird but we loved it. Later I think we had a huge bowl of ice-cream. I remember not sleeping much that night. But race morning we were ready to go! carrots, onions, and ice-cream in our tummies ready to take on the Chicago lakes sprint triathlon!

THE SWIM; Now I was totally clueless on what to wear for the swim. Goggles probably would have been a good idea. The gun went off and I took off like a bat out of hell, like I was gonna win this race..(NOT)! I was wearing baggy gym shorts with a shoelace holding them on. A bright red swim cap they provided all the racers, again with no goggles. I remember "Tarzan" swimming thinking how much carnage was going on around me! I was in a washing machine with 500 people trying to drown me! (I think that's why I became the swimmer I am today! I said screw the crowd I need to get fast!) I survived the 500M swim and onto the bike.

THE BIKE; On the bike portion I was riding this clapped out (POS) Schwinn. I remember my mom being worried it wouldn't hold up during the race! Hah! But I was riding no handed passing people riding my "trusty" POS hearing them ask "how are you passing us" I replied with "it's all about these bad boys" pointing at my skinny white legs.

THE RUN; I was running off course through yards that had sprinklers in them having a blast! Smiling under my pain grit face I tend to poetry while racing.

CONCLUSION; I did beat Tyler. (He also was waiting for me after the swim so we could bike together :{ but I already had taken off! HAH!) I remember giving my max effort that day but I never expected to win anything. When we were on our way out after plenty post race snacks and high fives we heard my name over the loudspeaker "Dylan Gillespie, 3rd place!" I remember saying to myself "If I can have this much fun and place, this is my kind of sport!" I was hooked after just 1. An obsession was planted and a passion was born.

If you're wanting to give triathlon a "TRI" you don't need anything fancy. Find yourself a bike that peddles, a pair of running shoes, and I suggest wearing goggles!

Put a smile on and go:)!

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