Hello! I love sharing my 10+ years of knowledge and experience with others. If you want to chat over the phone or in person shoot an email to turbodylan1@gmail.com. I love a good cup of coffee or conversation over the phone. If you need a coach/mentor/friend in the sport I might be able to help! Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and or my Blog to learn more about me! Hope to connect with you soon! 

  • You will get a custom program in a 1-week interval with weekly revisions.

  • Schedules will be customized based your feedback, training results, time constraints, and upcoming events.

  • Dylan will analyze pace, power and heart rate metrics that you collect. This data will be used to dial in your workouts in achieving new goals and personal achievement.

  • Dylan will consult with you on all aspects of nutrition (race and daily), race strategy, equipment choices, functional strength training, and recovery concerns.

  • Communication with your coach is so important! Dylan uses Trainingpeaks to analyze your personalized progression along with, email, phone-calls, and text messaging to ensure you get the most out of your training experience.

  •  You can contact Dylan for pricing information, a 20-minute consultation, or with any questions at turbodylan1@gmail.com or call 651-353-7733.